Ach so, Stella Geppert / Objekte / Installationen / Interventionen

Ach so, Stella Geppert / Objekte / Installationen / Interventionen / Revolver – Archiv für aktuelle Kunst, Frankfurt am Main / 2006

On the one hand Stella Geppert works with analogy. Through external, functional or structural correspondence the work apparently adapts itself to the space, sometimes so far as to almost negate its character as art. On the other hand, her process is subversive in the sense that it simultaneously and intentionally disturbs or infiltrates the apparently smooth alliance of art and life. This disturbance is created by changing parameters, which vary according to the respective location and the artist’s intentions. With this hacker-like strategy she manages to reveal weaknesses in civilization’s present condition, and to expand our experience of social space by demonstrating possible intellectual and physical courses of action.
Jule Reuter / Social spaces in the focus of sculptural field research

Lefèbvre’s theory of “differential urban space”, which he developed in 1970 as a complex framework of isotopias, heterotopias and utopias to contrast with the homogenous space of rural and industrial locations, is relevant to Geppert’s approach. (…) This imaginative moment that – when it succeeds – vibrates as pure dynamis, ignites the works as little ecstasies in the give and take between definition and the undefined. (…) The passer-by falls out of linear time for a brief and spellbound moment, and pauses. The habitual aspect of the walk, the predictability of the path, the flow of one’s own thoughts, are halted – as if a small accident had happened, the outcome of which is not yet clear.
Peter Herbstreuth / Staging public space Performative spaces by Stella Geppert

Softcover // 16,5 × 21 cm // 80 pp. // in cooperation with Knut Bayer // deutsch–english // Revolver – Archiv für aktuelle Kunst, Frankfurt am Main // // ISBN 3–86588–254–4 // 19 Euro